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HFS – Hais Follicle Simulation

Scalp Micropigmentation – The procedure that came to stay and review all concepts in treatments for baldness.

Today, Scalp Micropigmentation goes under many names and most of them are known as scalp pigmentation, hair tattoo, dermopigmentation, tricopigmentation and so on. Scalp Micropigmentation was created on 1998 in Italy. Scalp pigmentation plays with human perception and manages to create optical illusions. It´s Scalp pigmentation fame is ever growing, as it is a quite effective and simple solution to a very old problem. However, being such a new concept it is often misinterpreted and mixed-up with other techniques, only a handful dermopigmentation specialists have true knowledge of this technique and will propose it as a solution, on the other hand many amateurish practitioners will propose and carry out the treatment with disastrous results giving the treatment a poor representation.

Scalp pigmentation is a completely new specialization in the beauty field. It was born with the goal to solve beauty problems caused by hair loss, (alopecia aerate, alopecia aerate totalis and alopecia aerate universalis) and by scarring left behind by a transplant, (general scarring left on the scalp, scarring left behind by linear auto-transplant, FUT and by points-shaped auto-transplant, FUE).


The treatment in our clinic is executed by the highest standards in the area. We do provide the world class equipments and organic pigments line. Treatment is relaxed and painless. The client can return to daily duties right after the treatment.

Recommendations right after the treatment:

  1. Do not catch direct sun during next 7 days
  2. Do not frequent beach, pool, sauna next 7 days 
  3. Do not wash for 2 days 
  4. Do apply the special healing cream with SPF+50 recommended by professional 3 times per day

It may be necessary between 2-4 sessions. The results are gradual and soft, no shocking changes in your visual!

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