This module is for micropigmentation technicians from other schools, who want to improve their knowledge, techniques, clarify doubts. It is compulsory to present a Certificate of the basic course of micropigmentation, such as the use of its own equipment and material. Each module has an hourly load of 5h (1 DIA). This program includes necessary theoretical part, practical in synthetic skin and model.

Techniques (choose one of them):

  • Classic Eyeliner
  • Smoky Eyeliner
  • Eyeshadows

For whom?

  • Professionals of Micropigmentation who want to do a recycling or improvement

What do we guarantee?

  1. increase your skills
  2. learning something new
  3. increase your turnover
  4. increase your professional enthusiasm

– Masterclasse VIP Individual: 500€ (+IVA)

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