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What is Permanent Make-up?

Which woman wouldn’t like getting up and look ready?
Having perfect eyebrows and eyeliner, and gorgeous lips?
Is it an unattainable dream?
The Permanent Make-up method allows you to reach that.
It exists for 30 years, and has allowed thousands of excited clients to discover that the exhausting act of putting on make-up and removing it are finally a thing of the past. Here’s how it Works..
MATERIAL: Several shades of NPM-INTERNATIONAL pigments are at the disposal of the permanent make-up artist, to achieve extremely natural results.
The needles are top of the line and premium quality, with resistant tips, for single use for each client.
Another very important factor is the device. At Kristine Lux Academy we work with the newest technology, namely the ORON 60 (top of line worldwide device), which allows the artist to choose the best program for each treatment – eyebrows, lips or eyes.




A well defined eyebrow, apart from giving a cleaner look to your face, is essential to achieve the ideal make-up result.

  1. Shadow Filling (Ombre)
  2.  Ultra Thin Hairs (Technique specialized by Master Kristine Teterovska
  3.  Flaws correction
  4.  Colour correction
  5. Diminishment and removal of flaws
  6. Camouflage
  7.  Extension
  8. Camuflagem
  9. Alongamento


• – Contour with Ombre
• – Filling
• – Contou rand 3D Filling
• – Visual Enhancement


• – Superior Eyeliner
• – Inferior Eyeliner
• – Superior and Inferior Eyeliner

• – Eyeshadows

• – Smoky Eyeliner


· Personal well-being from the moment you wake up up until bedtime, during work activities, pool, beach, gym, night time, etc;
· More free time and quality of life;
· Younger, more defined and expressive look;
· Recover your self esteem.


1) In case of eyebrows, do not get them wet for 24 hours.
2) Do not get direct sunlight for 7 days before and after the treatment.
3) Do not use sauna, go to the pool or ocean in the first 7 days after the treatment.
4) Never use creams which contain acids on the area.
5) Be careful with oven heat, hair dyer, or other sources of steam.
6) Apply the recommended cream to keep the area hydrated.

1) Do not apply make-up until the area is fully healed.

2) Do not pull any scabs – let them fall off naturally.

3) In case of lips, do not kiss or let them touch your pillow.

3) Make sure to attend the retouch appointment in the next 25-40 days.

4) If you have lost the right to a retouch, up to 90 days after the treatment, it can be done for a third of the initial cost.

5) After 90 days it will not be considered a retouch, but a new treatment.

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