Eyelash extensions transform and enhance the look of your eyes without artificial appearance. They are a great complement for your make-up, having the power to completely change the style from Natural to Dramatic Look. The technique consists of the application of synthetic fiber lashes with a very natural touch and feel, one by one, or professionally formed fans by hand, on the natural eyelashes. We apply between 30 and 120 extensions on natural lashes (Classic Technique) or fans (Russian Volume Technique), depending on the intended effect. The application is made respecting the shape of the natural eyelashes and eyes. During the application we use a special, medical grade glue that will give great adhesion between the synthetic and the natural lash. The extensions are available in different lengths, curves, colors and thicknesses to create a beautiful and desired look. The most used are the black ones, which give a sophisticated and always beautiful air. With this technique we will achieve a natural look and a greater luminosity for your eyes. Whenever the application is correct and the client fulfills all the care recommended by the professional, they are lasting up to one month.

Eyelash Extensions VC False lashes

There is a big difference between real eyelash extensions and fall lash extensions. The false eyelashes are a quick and simple system for prolonging eyelashes, with a very short durability (one day). The application is on the skin of the movable eyelid and is removed with a make-up remover or with water. The eyelash extensions durability is much longer and its application requires the necessary formation to obtain a correct result.


The first session can last between 1 – 3 hours, depending of the selected lash style. The maintenance duration is more or less the same time, all depends of the state your eyelashes are, and how long has passed from the last application/ maintenance. Eyelash extensions can last up to one month, based on good application and good care by the customer, as well as the natural lash cycle. But the perfect maintenance regularity is every 3 weeks.

After-care instructions
  • Do not make your eyelashes wet for 24 hours to ensure the glue is dry.
  • Do not rub your eyes.
  • Swimming pools, saunas or places with a lot of humidity or steam should be avoided for 24 hours.
  • It is recommended to comb the eyelashes with a comb of lashes carefully.
  • Do not apply waterproof mascara. You can use a special formula professional eyelash extensions mascara. You can purchase at Kristine Lux Academy
  • Avoid any greasy or oily make-up removers on your eyes area. Use special formula, professional make-up remover. You can purchase it at Kristine Lux Academy
  • Schedule your maintenance between 2-4 weeks.