Kristine Lux Academy

Russian Volume Russian Volume Technique
2D-6D Eyelash Extensions (1:2 – 1:6)

How long does it take for one application?

This technique has a lot of tricks, and demands a lot of professional experience. As a result, the application of Russian Volume lash extensions takes longer than traditional extensions. Approximately 2 hours for a 3d-4d look and 3 hours for 5d-6d.

How is it done?

The russian volume technique consists on the application of multiple lashes in the shape of a fan on each natural eyelash. The result is 200-600 Micro-lashes on each eye, compared to the traditional style, which is on average 70-100 extensions per eye. The extensions are much more thinner and lighter than traditional silk lashes, thus making it possible to apply many extensions to a single eyelash without making the client feel their weight or damaging the natural eyelashes. When multiple lashes are applied, it gives the client a fuller look.

How long do they last?

Since more extensions are applied to each natural eyelash, the Russian Volume technique can last a long time before you start noticing gaps and feeling the need to get a maintenance. On average, they last up to 6 weeks, although a monthly maintenance is highly recommended.

Do they need any special aftercare?

The aftercare are minimal, allowing you to continue with your day-to-day life normally. For the first 24 hours you should not get your eyelashes wet. We recommend brushing the eyelashes one a day after showering.

Which occasions are Russian Volume Lashes for?

>Formal events
>Day-to-day life